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Author: Peter Moss 

Publisher: Pkistan OUP

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English Language - Pakistan only - Oxford University Press Pakistan

About the book:

Secondary Social Studies for Pakistan is a comprehensive new series developed according to the National Curriculum guidelines, for classes 6, 7, 8. At the same time, these books link up very well with the primary Social Studies series and the Pakistan Studies syllabus of both the Board of Secondary Education and the UCIE syllabus for O Levels.

The first section of each book covers the geographical aspects and the second section covers the historical aspects of the areas allocated to each level.

These books have been carefully written and designed to make them user-friendly and attractive. Colourful illustrations, relevant maps, tables, graphs and data, interesting activities and Info Boxes enhance this series.

Book One, Section 1, focuses on the basic geographical features of Pakistan and South Asia, their natural resources and industrial products, and the population statistics. Section 2 covers the history of this region from the pre-Aryan period to the War of Independence in 1857.

Book Two, Section 1, focuses on the geographical features of the Muslim world, the natural resources, industries, transport and communication, and population statistics. Section 2 covers the history of this region, the contributions of Muslim scientists, the resurgence of Islam, the Freedom Movement in the subcontinent and Pakistan’s early years.

A special feature is the inclusion of important issues like Environment, Citizenship, Values and Human Rights in each book, in a meaningful context.Each textbook is accompanied by a Teacher’s Guide, that gives additional information and useful suggestions for effective teaching of the content.
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